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Design Tips
General décor:Showcasing collectibles together gives them the attention they deserve.

Remodel:Consider the style and color scheme in other areas of your home when making your selections for the remodeled area. You want your whole house to flow.

New Home:When making selections for a new home, steer clear of the trendy and stick with the timeless.  This will ensure your home will not look dated a few years down the line.

Repurpose:Turn a cabinet in your laundry room into a dog kennel by replacing the door with a wrought iron one. We did this in the Parade of Homes and received rave reviews from the hundreds of visitors.

Organizing:Clear your desk top or work area of paperwork by creating a “home” for all categories of incoming paperwork. Whether it’s a standing file or a labeled basket, the item goes directly to its designated spot.

Reworking:Make what you already have work for you. This mirror was too small for the space over the dresser but instead of purchasing a new one, make it bigger with some paint and some time. A whole new and fun look for pennies!
                  Before                                             After

The picture the client liked was too small. We had her paint the molding trim piece black
and paint the inside a blue color to make the picture appear larger.


Have a favorite chair that no longer matches?
Make it the center of attention with new fabric.

Before After